Solarize Sullivan is proud to offer clean, accessible, solar power through community shared solar to residents of the Sullivan County! We are happy to partner with Delaware River Solar to offer two different forms of community shared solar. In both cases, the panels are side by side with other community members on nearby sunny land instead of on your property. Participants receive a portion of the solar energy produced by the solar farm, which is credited seamlessly to your utility bill each month. You can easily cover 100% of your electricity usage this way, much like traditional solar.

  • Community Solar links your utility bill directly to a local solar farm, allowing you to go solar without installing solar on your home!
  • You can either subscribe to a solar farm’s energy or purchase your own panels on the solar farm.
  • Your portion of the electricity produced on the solar farm is credited directly to your utility bill each month.
  • Anyone can sign up: renters, homeowners, businesses, non-profits, low-income residents, students, and anyone who pays their utility bill.


Get a monthly subscription to electricity produced (kWhr) from the solar farm at a 10% discount off your current utility rates. Receive locally produced electricity that benefits your community instead of the utility. 


Just like rooftop solar, except the panels are on a community solar farm. Own a section of the panels, receive tax incentiveand rebates, and get energy credited to your bill. While purchasing is more money down, you own the panels, so you save more in the long run.

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