Residential Installer Partners (<25kW):

ETM Solar Works:

Our prime directive is to bring environmentally friendly solar power to as many people on planet Earth as possible. We have been in business since 1988! ETM specializes in solar energy systems. We install solar electric systems and solar hot water heaters on residences and commercial buildings. We have a variety of financing and leasing options for residential and small commercial systems. ETM is a woman-owned business. ETM’s website is on a solar powered server and we have a solar electric system on our building. At ETM, our goal is to give the best customer service, install the highest quality systems and to be here for decades to come. Our first customer’s solar energy system is still operational and they can still call us at the same phone number!

Solar Liberty:

Founded in 2003, Solar Liberty has installed over 2,000 solar arrays across New York State. Both NYSERDA and the Department of Energy awarded Solar Liberty with the “Outstanding Achievement Award” for being the Largest Solar Electric Installer in New York State. Whether it’s a 3kW residential installation, the Liberty Central School installations, or a 10.6MW utility-scale project, our experience continues to grow and sets us apart. The entire team is committed to promoting energy independence through the widespread installation of grid-tied PV solar energy systems. Our know-how and educational sales process provides our Solarize Sullivan customers with a seamless, straightforward, and enjoyable experience while going solar. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Call us at 866.80.RENEW or visit us at

ETM Solar WorksSolar Liberty
Installer’s Market Price$3.00 per Watt$3.20 per Watt
Solarize Discounted Price$2.70 per Watt$2.75 per Watt
Solarize Discount (percent)10%14%
Solar PanelsTrina 270Q. Cells Black-on-Black 290W
InvertorAP Systems 500Solar Edge
Roof RackingUniracSolar Liberty, through its sister company DynoRaxx manufactures all pitched roof racking solutions for residential
MonitoringAP SystemsSolar Edge
Warranties25-year panel production guarantee; 10-25 year warranty on inverter and optimizer; 10-year installer workmanship warranty25-year panel production guarantee, a 12-25 year manufacturer’s warranty on inverter; 10- year workmanship warranty on racking, 10 year installer workmanship warranty
High-Efficiency Options (at additional cost)Seraphim 265-290WLG 315 Watt
Purchase/ Lease OptionsSunPower 327 – ACN/A

Photo: John Wackman

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