Commercial Installer Partner (25kW- 2MW):

Solar by CIR:

Stemming from a 41 year history of electrical services, CIR Electrical Construction Corp. has made the quantum leap into renewable energies with the creation of a division within itself dedicated to solar energy, now branded Solar by CIR. Solar by CIR has the infrastructure to complete project types ranging from residential, commercial, industrial and community solar projects. Solar by CIR currently has an installed capacity of over 14MW. Regardless of electrical usage, site, or budget, Solar by CIR has strategic financing partners that can offer help offer a vast variety of renewable energy solutions. Whether you require upgraded energy efficient lighting or an entire power system with backup generators, CIR’s staff of NABCEP certified professionals can provide you with the services needed.

Base Price $/Watt$2.55$2.55$2.55$2.50$2.45$2.30$2.10$1.85

* Getting a free site assessment is the best way to figure out where your buisness or nonprofit fits with this pricing. Enroll today by clicking the Commercial Go Solar tab!

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